Winter With The Garden Club

Chipley Garden Club began the month of January 2024 with a meeting on Wednesday, January 3 at the Washington County Ag Center.  The program for the day was entitled “Oak Tree Tidbits” and was presented by Club President Gweneth Collins.  She provided a handout featuring sketches of the types of leaves and acorns on native oaks found in our area.  Gweneth also shared informative and humorous tidbits concerning oat trees.

During the business meeting, the club discussed the condition of the Falling Waters Butterfly Garden and the downtown pots, new club t-shirts, and upcoming youth activities.  The group was updated on activities for Florida Arbor Day, the FFGC Spring Convention in Jacksonville, the monument beside Washington Co. Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, and meeting venues.  It was also decided the check for $250 will be presented to the Washington County Council on Aging as part of our Community Outreach Project.



On Florida Arbor Day – January 19th – at 10AM, Chipley Garden Club joined all the garden clubs in the State of Florida and planted a tree in celebration of Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. 100th birthday and in memory of two beloved members – Charlotte Sapp and Edwina Showers – who passed during 2023.  The ceremony was held at the pavilion of the Washington County Historical Society/Farmers Market.  Special guests included City Councilwoman Cheryl McCall, TDC Director Heather Lopez, County Forester Tyger Adams, and family members of the late Charlotte Sapp and Edwina Showers.

Chipley Garden Club’s tree of choice is the native evergreen Southern Live Oak aka Quercus virginiana.  It is of the Keystone Genus which means it has an extremely high impact on the types of plants and animals that make up its ecosystem.  Our tree is seven years old, but it could live for centuries. Its wide spreading limbs will make a beautiful canopy iconic of the Old South and it is hurricane and fire resistant.  In fact, it has already survived more than five hurricanes.  As it grows, it will provide a cool shade, habitat for wildlife, clean filtered air, and natural beauty in downtown Chipley.

Information was provided on FFGC, Chipley Garden Club, and the tree planted. Treasurer Debbie Mitchell shared memories of Edwina Showers and Vice President Linda Pigott shared her memories of Charlotte Sapp.  Hot cocoa, coffee and treats were served in the museum and guests were invited to browse as they warmed up.

Later that same day, Club Vice President Linda Pigott, Treasurer Debbie Mitchell and Outreach Committee Chair Pam Morzos delivered a check to Patty Willis and Catherine Bowden to Washington County Council on Aging.

The next meeting of Chipley Garden Club will be on Wednesday, February 7 at 10AM at the Washington County Library conference room.  The program of the day will be “The Library & The Garden Club”.  We welcome new members and visitors at any time during the year.  Please join us!