Washington County School District

“Handle with Care”

On November 2, Washington County School District principals, directors, and staff members, including Superintendent Joseph Taylor, met with the Washington County law enforcement officers and other first responders to take the first step in forming a Handle with Care program for the Washington County District students and families.

Handle with Care is a program that focuses on creating a community of care and support for our students who may experience a stressful or traumatic event.  These protective factors can create an environment where the student can continue to learn and thrive at school.

The program is currently being implemented by several counties in Florida, where law enforcement and first responders notify schools when a student has been exposed to a traumatic event.  The school then provides confidential support through the use of  interventions to ensure that the student is “Handled with Care.”

Confidentiality is vital in the program.  Situational details are not provided, and the student is not questioned; however, the student has access to Washington County School District Administrators, Guidance Counselors, and Licensed Mental Health Professionals, who are trained to provide resiliency support at school.

Washington County School District and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department support the mission of extended care “one child at a time.”