Veteran’s Luncheon

On Thursday November 10, 2022Florida Panhandle Technical College hosted a Veterans Day banquet for the veterans on campus and veterans closely affiliated with the school. The banquet started off with a few words from Mr. Larry Moore, FPTC director. After that, all of the veterans introduced themselves and stated the branch in which they served. The MIA / POW table was mentioned by Ms. Kathi Smith (U.S Air Force and FPTC staff) Taps was played by Harrison Sapp, a Chipley High School Band member. Ms. Shirley Morris (US Army) said Prayer before the meal. Students from the Holmes County high School culinary class prepared and served the meal. The meal was beautiful and served with elegance. The banquet was put together by Ms. Gena Collins (FPTC Directors secretary) Thanks to Florida Panhandle Technical and all involved for recognizing our Veterans who selflessly served to defend our freedom.

                                      Veteran’s Luncheon


                                       Pattillo’s Restaurant

Welcome and Introductions                       Mr. Larry Moore, FPTC Director

POW/MIA Table                                           Ms. Kathi Smith, US Air Force

                                                                        FPTC Staff

Taps                                                               Harrison Sapp, CHS Band Student

Prayer                                                            Ms. Shirley Morris, US Army

Meal                                                               HCHS Culinary

Video Presentation during meal                Mrs. Gena Collins, FPTC Director’s Secretary

Closing Remarks                                          Mr. Larry Moore, FPTC Director

HCHS Culinary Students are Haven, Jackson, AJ, Angelina, Landon, Keelesha, and teacher Sheila Richards.