The Town of Vernon Celebrates Independence Day

Vernon, Florida, 07/01/2023 – The residents of Vernon, Florida, a tight-knit religious community, came together to display patriotic spirit and unity to celebrate Independence Day with a vibrant parade. The annual event, which took place on July 1st, 2023, brought the town’s population together to honor the nation’s rich history and commemorate its hard-fought independence.

The main street of Vernon was lined with excited onlookers as families, friends, and community members gathered to witness the colorful procession. The parade featured an array of law enforcement, creatively decorated floats, ATVs, community groups, and business owners, all proudly displaying their love for their country and the joy of living in a small town with values. These included Emerald Coast Hospice, Holmes Creek Pizza & Pasta Co., and Crispy Cool Air, to name a few.

Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, the parade showcased the town’s deep-rooted religious values. Several faith-based organizations participated in the celebration, highlighting the harmonious coexistence of patriotism and faith within the community.

Children dressed in red, white, and blue attire added a lovely touch to the festivities. Many youngsters participated in the parade, waving miniature flags and spreading infectious smiles to onlookers. It’s always fun to see children scurrying around to grab as much candy as their little hands can carry.

As the parade ended, people went about their day at the sportsplex, where different activities were held, or back home till it was time to come back out and see the sky illuminated with fireworks, the residents of Vernon bid farewell to another memorable Independence Day celebration. The event served as a reminder of the town’s profound devotion to their faith, country, and the shared values that bind them together.

With hearts full of gratitude and pride, the people of Vernon eagerly look forward to next year’s Independence Day celebration, where they will undoubtedly come together once again to reaffirm their commitment to their faith, community, and nation.

Cassandra A. Anderson