The Crafty Shack

Sara Ewing and Kelsey Swedberg owners of the new craft supply store in downtown Chipley named The Crafty Shack, conveniently located at 811 Main Street in Chipley Fl. “ We both love the atmosphere of downtown and jumped at the opportunity to open in the heart of Chipley”.

Stay at home moms for nine years and three children each, ranging from four to ten years old, their lives are very intertwined and both knew they wanted the next chapter of their lives to be done together. It was time to get back into the workforce, both searched for months to find what would fit their life styles with their children. It is not easy for moms to balance a work life and kids, but they knew they had to make it work!

There has been a need for a craft supply store in our area for some time and both Sara and Kelsey felt that it was time to make it happen, The Crafty Shack, was born. Sara and Kelsey will help local and surrounding area crafters with supplies they need, with more convenience.

They have a variety of material and some ready-made items for those that do not have the time to create it for themselves. “We are hoping to grow our inventory to meet the needs of all those that love crafting so please come in and see us and leave your suggestion of what you would like to see”. We are open Monday through Friday 9am-6pm

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