The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints

The Fall Festival held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints was one to remember! Friends and family flooded in excited for the full night of spooktacular events. There was a place for everyone! Kids came dressed and prepared to fill their buckets with sugary treats, parents came in howling big steaming pots with hopes to steal the title of “Best Chili”, and friends were able to sit down with one another and catch up on life.

The night started off with a feast as we filled our bellies with delicious chili, snacks, and boiled peanuts. Once we had all had time to settle in, it was time for the games! The church had put together fun activities for the children to participate it. From face painting, witch hat ring toss, to even a cake walk! This gave people time to set up for the trick or treating. Families got the opportunity to show off their creative side as they turned these rooms into portals to fun worlds. The children got to go under the sea to meet Ursula. They met familiar faces like Scooby-Doo and the gang! They even got to meet dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park! They did all this as they filled their buckets and bags with toys and treats.

Finally, as the night came to a close it was time to announce the winners of the contests. They handed out prizes for best chili, best rooms, and best costumes. People big and small walked out with fun prizes to remember the night.

Even after all these fun events, the best part of the night was being around such a loving, Christ like community. All throughout the night people made an effort to show those around them that they were glad they were there. They opened their doors to all visitors and made sure everyone felt welcomed. The people ensured that the night was full of treats without any tricks.