Memorial Tree Planted at Falling Waters State Park

The public is invited to celebrate Florida Arbor Day with Chipley Garden Club on Friday, January 20 at 1PM.

Florida celebrates Arbor Day every year on the third Friday of January.  In recognition of the day and in memory of the late Ri McGlamery, a dedication ceremony will take place near the Joyce Carter Memorial Butterfly Garden in Falling Waters State Park.

The tree chosen is a native Southern Live Oak aka Quercus virginiana which is considered evergreen and iconic of the South.  It is long-lived,  slow-growing, and will provide shade, food, habitat, and shelter for a variety of wildlife.  This is the best time of year to plant trees because many are dormant, they lose less water during transportation, and the trees have less stress at planting.

PChipley Garden Club meets the first Wednesday of each month and always welcomes visitors and new members.  For more information, please contact Club President Gail Exum at 850-638-0950.