June 10th, Regular School Board Meeting

All items passed at the Meeting.

The Board Recognized the following:


Vernon and Roulhac Middle Schools Band Recognition

Washington County School District is pleased to recognize Samuel Toole and John Harcus for launching a Summer Music Enrichment camp to build capacity in the district’s music programs. Roulhac Middle School and Vernon Middle School Band received 10,000 per cost center to fund the purchase of instruments to satisfy the students’ needs and enhance the productivity of the music programs.

(Pictured:  Director of Federal Programs, RMS Band Instructor Sam Toole, Superintendent Joseph Taylor



SWAT – Student Wraparound Achievement Team

Representatives Mr. Brett Patrick, Chief Operations Officer, and Mr. Lynn Tolbert, Victim Service Program Coordinator, shared that Wraparound is a unique approach to delivering services for children and youth facing significant mental health or behavioral challenges. It prioritizes a holistic, family-driven method, placing the child and their family at the core of decision-making. With guidance from professionals and natural supporters, families shape the direction of Wraparound by expressing their needs and preferences. Together with a Wraparound facilitator, families assemble a team consisting of friends, community members, and service providers. This team collaborates with the family to establish goals and a vision, crafting personalized services and support to achieve them. Throughout the process, the team works closely with the family, adjusting plans as necessary to ensure effectiveness.

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