Washington County Historical Society Director Dorothy Odom was very pleased to accept a donation from Kathy Craven Rudd representing the fraternal life insurance company, Woodmen of the World.   In addition to the contribution, Rudd presented the museum with a photo collage of some of the beautifully W.O.W. carved grave markers which can be found in the surrounding area. These tree-stump markers represent the cleared forest and most feature the axe, wedge and mallet.  This program lasted until the late 1920s.  Rudd also presented an axe used in WOW ceremonies.

Washington County Historical Society’s museum is open every Friday from 9AM until 1PM and other times by request.  The museum is located at 685 7th Street by the railroad tracks.  Drop by sometime and visit or, if you would like to learn more about the museum, please call Director Dorothy Odom at 850-638-0358.