Gracefully Broken

Gracefully Broken Kayaking is a non-profit organization that was created to help veterans and their families to see God’s wonderful creations and to reach out to them.


The creator of the GBK, Kenneth Smith, a fellow veteran that has served, has made it his goal of reaching out to other hurting veterans who had seen the same war that he himself was witness to. Thus, he started to create the GBK, to help bring them and their families out to see the beauty of God’s world and to bring them to a better sense of peace.


“Studies show that each day 22 veterans take their own lives. We seek to bring hope and healing to those who have so faithfully served our country.”


One of the goals of the organization is to help reach out to veterans to show that they aren’t alone and to help bring comfort to them as they suffer through whatever haunts them from their time on the battlefield.


With the help of GBK, many veterans have had the chance to go on kayaking trips and to hear God’s Word. It has brought many veterans to see the good in life again after their years of serving.


If you aren’t a veteran, but know of someone who is, or you yourself would like to go on a trip , please feel free to contact Gracefully Broken Kayaking at 850-718-6224 or visit their website at to set up a reservation or to even make a donation to help reach out to more veterans.