First Methodist Church of Chipley

First Methodist Church of Chipley Family Celebration

On June 10th 2023 the First Methodist Church of Chipley, held a Family Celebration, everyone was invited to Free food, games, bounce house, and pony rides.

Face Painting by Margaret Green, church members Donna Laney and Pat Dickson were dressed in Bible period costumes and accompanied Terrie Daughtry while she talked about the adventures of Bennie Frank after his rescue. Live music was provided by Tammy and Wesley King, Lewis Kathman, Marcia Gillian, Steve Hatcher, and Connie Poppy.

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  1. This is so wonderful & looks like everyone had a really fun time. I grew up in this Church as a child & teen. My mother, Bernice Williamson, was a member until she died in 1991. I’ve always loved this Church & have many fond memories of growing up here under the loving care of my Sunday-School teachers, pastors, & many others. The First Methodist Church of Chipley will always hold a special to me. Thank you for sharing.

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