District Spelling Bee Winners and Participants

1st Place- Hadley Suggs, 6th grader at Roulhac Middle School

2nd Place –Jeremia Hunter, 5th grader at Vernon Middle School

—3rd Place Winners—

Maddox Markham- 7th grader Vernon Middle School

Madison Purecka, 7th grader at Roulhac Middle School

Maya Hunter, 8th grader- Vernon Middle School -Green

Photo with the winners from left to right:

Superintendent Joseph Taylor, 3rd Place Winner Maya Hunter, 2nd Place Winner Jeremia Hunter, 1st Place Winner Hadley Suggs, 3rd Place Winner Maddox Markham, School Board Members Dr. Lou Cleveland, and Mr. Milton Brown, and 3rd Place Winner Madison Purecka.

Judges and Audience