CHS Senior Awards

Chipley High School held their Senior Awards Ceremony for the Class of 2021 on Tuesday, May 25.

CULINARY AWARDS: “Tonight, I am recognizing those seniors who at any point in their high school career earned what is known as a food safety manager certification,” stated Sandy Solger. This group was, and is, part of CHS’s first students to be enrolled in the culinary program. Not only do some have one, but most of them have two different one’s. Leaving them dually certified in the area of food safety. What makes this certification so special is that the person receiving it has proven to have sufficient food safety knowledge to protect the public from a food-borne illness. Each one had to take and pass, with a 75% accuracy, the food safety knowledge test that is written on a college level. This is an adult certification and every food establishment is required to have one person certified in food safety on the premises at all times. That makes this person very valuable to the foodservice industry. It is also the first certification that they would receive if they were to go on to culinary school at the college level. Some colleges even give them college credit just for having it already.”

Tara Baxkey

Keegan Welch

nadia Kent

Mary Ellen Smith

Jarrett Moore

Tyniyah Andrews

Connor Prescott

Adrian Tobinson

Angelina Doss

Zachary Syfrett

Lillie Bratcher

Nathaniel Goodman

Sara White

McKenzie King

“INCLUDED IN THIS GROUP OF SENIORS is one I would like to give extra recognition to, and that is Lily Bratcher,” continued Ms. Solger. “In her first year of culinary she became the first leg of a three man state waiter relay team. And that team brought home third place in the state out of  30+ teams. They never really got the recognition they deserved because the week we got back last year we left on quarantine.  Two of the three man team graduated last year. We also didn’t get to return to try and better that title this year due to COVID. Lily received a $2000 scholarship to use toward a culinary arts degree if that is what she chooses as her career path. Thank you Lily for your dedication and hard work that led us to that title. The last group of seniors, wow, these three……Nathaniel Goodwin, McKenzie King and Sara White……these three are the last of the “first group”  to graduate as program completers. They have been with me for 4 years and they have been the backbone of Chipley’s Culinary program. To say that they can finish my sentences is an understatement. I am surprised they are not doing it now.  I congratulate these three and thank them from the bottom of my heart for their service and their willingness to help CHS Culinary become what it is today.”


CHS Agriculture students have big Senior awards night: “For 2020-21 we have another 16 individuals that will each receive $1000 to further their education whether they are on a college or technical career path,” said Brian Solger. “What makes this scholarship unique is that all money used for scholarships is generated by the Agriculture program here at Chipley High School. If you are not aware we do concessions during football season, we sell registered Angus cattle and steers off the school farm and private donations. Starting in 9th grade students know if they complete all three industry certifications offered by the Agriculture program they qualify for this scholarship.This graduating class started with 80 students enrolled in Agricultural Foundations class in August 2017. This year’s winners are students that continued the Agriculture program, completed their industry certifications and completed the final scholarship application.”
This year’s winners are:

Savannah Davis

Lara Fleener

Austin Granger

Hannah Hilty

Justin Kent

McKenzie King

Lindsey Parks

Sarah Pippin

Chris Sanders

Cassidy Self

Jess Taylor

John Taylor

Lydia Voorhees

Haley Wasson

Haylee White

Hollie Windham