Chipola Alumni Spotlight … Ryan Carter

Ryan Carter, a recent graduate of Chipola’s Secondary Mathematics Education Program, is this week’s Alumni Spotlight.

Following 20 years of service in the United States Military, Carter began volunteering as a coach at a local high school, where he realized he had a true passion for teaching.

Carter always had a love for math, but sometimes struggled in the subject. He knew he wanted to be a teacher who could reach students like himself.

Small class sizes and one-on-one instruction are some of the many reasons Carter chose Chipola. His favorite instructor was Dr. Irma Cruz-White, who taught History of Math. The class teaches the origin of math theories and why they’re needed. “Knowing “why” is something that has always intrigued me”, says Carter. “and that class answered some of the “whys” about mathematics.”

When asked about Chipola, Carter said, “Chipola is a wonderful school, but come ready to work. The instructors take an interest in their students and really get to know them. The familiarity between staff and students is one of the things I loved. Walking down a hallway and having instructors greet you by name gives you a sense of belonging. The availability of service is top notch at Chipola. From the advisors to the cafeteria staff, everyone truly seems to be interested in your personal success. Lastly, the quality of the education you receive at Chipola will prepare you for whichever life path you decide to follow.”

Carter plans to start teaching at the high school level and pursue his master’s degree in mathematics education. He hopes to one-day return to Chipola as an instructor.