Chipley High School Senior Awards

On Tuesday May 23 rd held their 2023 Senior Awards, as follows,

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Citizenship Award – Bryson Howard

West Florida Electric Cooperative Scholarship – Hayleigh Rattin

Chipola College Recognition Scholarship – Emma Jeffries

Take Stock in Children Scholarships – Maria Gonzalez and Erin Williams

Community South Scholarship – Hayleigh Rattin

Washington County Chamber of Commerce – Ada Ludyjan-Ybarra

Florida Department of Transportation – Ada Ludyjan-Ybarra

Florida Panhandle Technical College Foundation Scholarship – Xylon Clenney-Harmon and Madison Ross

FPTC Recognition of CTE program completers – Xylon Clenney-Harmon, Taylor DeRico, Jesse Register, Lamar Sowell, Jackson Wall, and Mason Weeks

Chipley Woman’s Club Scholarship – Braden Banta

Earl Sellers Athletic Award – Kelcy Cooper and Parker Smelcer

Jacob Arndt Memorial Scholarship – Sarah Bush

Washington County Educators Association Scholarship – Kelcy Cooper

Ray Pigott Scholarship – Addie Cope & Emma Jeffries

Perry & Young P.A. Scholarship –   Kacey Armstrong

Marsha Kent-Rodriguez Theatre Scholarship – Raegan Corbin

Philip D. Pippin Memorial Scholarship – Cass Dillard

Darrin Wall Lions Club Memorial Scholarship – Hayleigh Rattin

Washington County Republican Scholarship – Kaitlin Thompson

A1C Dayvon Larry Positive Impact Award – Skyler Sapia

Jakiriyana Lazae Washington Bright Future Fund – Ahmani Carswell, Amara Chambers, Kylee Moon, and Audrey Shiver

MR Coggin Scholarship – Kaitlin Thompson

Sandy Kirkland Fleck Scholarship – Cass Dillard

Military Signings:  Carter Everett – Army

HN Lewis Book Scholarship – Hailee Brown

Chartwell Scholarships – Gretchen Green and Streight Forward

Chipley High School Student Council Recognitions

Leadership Award – Kelcy Cooper

Service Award – Emery Carter and Kami Register

Chipley High School Ag Recognitions –

Hailee Brown, Sarah Bush, Angel Canipe, Ahmani Carswell, Addie Cope, Raegan Corbin, Summer Davis, Taylor Derico, Marie Gonzalez, Leah Hilty, Bryson Howard, Emma Jefferies, Kylie Moon, Kailey Pettis, Madison Ross, Jace Smith

Chipley High School Senior Beta Recognitions –

Morgan Ashcraft, Braden Banta, Thad Brown, Sara Bush, Angel Canipe, Ahmani Carswell, Emery Carter, Kelcy Cooper, Raegan Corbin, Porsche Everett, Grace Futch, Bryson Howard, Emma Jeffries, Kylee Moon, Kami Register, Audrey Shiver, Parker Smelcer

Chipley High School Culinary Senior Recognitions

Excellence in Culinary Arts – Hayleigh Rattin and Kaitlin Thompson Prostart Certificate of Achievement – Hayleigh Rattin

Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association $2000 Scholarship – Hayleigh Rattin

Chipley High School Theatre Recognitions – Choir President – Raegan Corbin

Chipley High School Bright Futures Scholarship Recognitions-

Florida Academic Scholar 100% 0f Tuition and Fees

Seth Abbott, Tristan Brett, Cass Dillard, Parker Smelcer, Catalina Tankersley

Florida Medallion Scholar- 75% of Tuition And Fees

Hailee Brown, Sarah Bush,  Addie Cope,  Raegan Corbin, Grace Futch,  Madison Hayes, Emma Jeffries, Jerz Kelly

Gold Seal Cape Scholars Award

Kacey Armstrong, Matthew Bush, Angel Canipe, Sawyer Cook, Summer Davis, Olivia DeBout, Leah Hilty, Bryson Howard, Jacob Pettis, Hayleigh Rattin, Kaitlin Thompson


 Seth Abbott, Kacey Armstrong, Braden Banta, Tristan Brett, Hailee Brown, Matthew Bush, Sarah Bush, Angel Canipe, Kelcy Cooper, Addie Cope, Reagan Corbin, Summer Davis, Cass Dillard, Morgan Edwards, Grace Futch, Maria Gonzalez, Madison Hayes, Leah Hilty, Bryson Howard, Emma Jeffries, Jerz Kelly, Gracie Lamb, Hannah Mask, Juan Morado-Diaz  Christina Pina, Kami Register, Parker Smelcer, Catalina Tankersley, Kaitlin Thompson, Jackson Wall, Ta’Aysha Ware, Mason Weeks


 Neal Adams, Morgan Ashcraft, Porscha Everette, Jasmine Gawronski, Michael Green, Kylee Moon

Additional Recognitions

Chipola College AA – Hailee Brown

Chipola CNA – Amara Chambers

Enterprise State Community College – Kelcy Cooper & Lamar Sowell

FRLAEF Scholarship – Hayleigh Rattin

HN Lewis Scholarship – Hailee Brown

Huntingdon College President Walter D. Agnew Scholarship – Michael Green

University of Mobile Founder’s Merit Scholarship -Ty’ Asha Ware

Washington County Sheriff’s Office, sponsored Law Enforcement Academy – Sawyer Cook

Roman Overstreet will attend Warner University on a football scholarship.

Bryson Howard will be attending Coastal Alabama on a baseball scholarship.

Antonio Lewis will be attending FAMU to play football.

Emma Jeffries will be cheering for Chipola College in the Fall.

Ahmani Carswell will be cheering for Chipola College in the Fall.

Daquayvious Sorey will be attending Auburn University.

Catalina Tankersley will be attending Chipola College. She has received a Cross Country Scholarship, and has received the Muscogee Creek Nation Undergraduate Scholarship.

Special Recognitions

Service- Hayleigh Rattin, and Tristan Brett

Citizenship- Addie Cope, and Parker Smelcer

School Spirit- Ahmani Carswell and Bryson Howard