Chipley High School Baseball Championship Rings Presented

On Friday night, 09-22-23, the 2023 Chipley High School Baseball State Champions were honored before the football game. This group of players and coaches made history, winning the first baseball state championship for Chipley High School. The ring ceremony is the culmination to their great season last year and a day these players had been looking forward to, for a long time.


Freshmen: Callen Scurlock, Brantley Kirkland

Sophmore: Lawson Corbitt, Rayce Griffin, Kason Nelson, Aiden Wheeler

Juniors: Cade Culbreth, Connor Goddin, Gavin O’Neill, Blaine Woodham, David Carley, Carter Kirkland, Thad Brown, Brodie Price, Jonathan Peterson, Cameron Worly, Zeke Gavaller, Carson Thornton

Seniors: Connor Dillard Michael Green, Parker Smelcer, Neal Adams, Bryson Howard

Administration: Alicia Clemmons, Joe Taylor

Staff: Bob Booth, Phillip Adams, Brad Adams

Asst. Coachs: Ty Russ, Jesse Carter, Colby Cleveland

Head Coach: Andy Compton

The football game followed, final score was 29- 21 Chipley win