Chipley Garden Club Installs New Officers

Chipley Garden Club met Wednesday, May 3rd at Falling Waters State Park for the last regular meeting of the club year.   The meeting was conducted by President Gail Exum.   Plans for the upcoming Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. District II Spring Meeting to be held next week at the Washington County Agricultural Center were finalized.   She commended the group for their donations to the Food Bank as part of the Community Outreach Project.  

Wildflower Chair Glenda Wilson presented Phlox drummondi aka Pink Phlox as the Wildflower of the Month.  If you’ve been near our I-10 exit you have seen the beautiful display planted by Florida Department of Transportation.   Native to Texas and deemed “not harmful” to Florida, Gainesville Garden Club began planting Phlox in 1963 and it was adopted by FDOT.  “This is a lovely addition to your home garden and seeds are readily available,” Wilson remarked.

In other business, Exum presented Certificates of Appreciation to outgoing officers – Treasurer Glenda Wilson and Secretary Dania Barnes.   Following the presentation, she installed the incoming officers for 2023-2025 reminding them of their duties and responsibilities.   The new officers are President Gweneth Collins, Vice President Linda Pigott, Secretary Dorothy Odom and Treasurer Debbie Mitchell.  The new officers will begin their terms on June 1.

Winding up the day, Chaplain Carol Kreis talked of the Tree of Life.  In order to survive and grow, nature and people need certain things.  If we get what we need, we grow.  If we don’t, we shrivel and die.  She reminded us to be kind to our world and each other and to remember our Creator and His love for us and our world.

If you would like more information about Chipley Garden Club or FFGC, please contact Club President Gail Exum at 850-639-0958.  We welcome new members and visitors at any time during the year.









Photo of Phlox






Photo of outgoing officers – Treasurer Glenda Wilson, Secretary Dania Barnes and President Gail Exum






Photo of incoming officers – President Gweneth Collins, Vice President Linda Pigott, Treasure Debbie Mitchell and Secretary Dorothy Odom