Chipley Garden Club


Chipley Garden Club celebrated 2023 Florida Arbor Day by planting a Southern Live Oak tree at Falling Waters State Park on Friday, January 20.   Florida is the first to celebrate Arbor Day each year.  January was chosen because so many trees are dormant, and planting is less stressful on them.  Planting trees reduces air pollution, conserves energy by providing shade, provides habitat for nature, and beautifies our world.

This year the tree was planted in memory of the late Ri McGlamery.  Prior to her passing, Ri had begun to research native trees and decided oaks were the “perfect” tree.  Due to this, the club chose a Southern Live Oak aka Quercus virginiana.  This oak is a native, evergreen although it does drop its leaves immediately before new leaves emerge.  Its acorns are small, oblong, shiny and tan to black color.  The wood is hard, heavy and strong. The tree provides food and shelter for wildlife and, as it grows, will make a lovely shade from the Florida sun.

Arbor Day Committee Chair Glenda Wilson remarked, “Ri will long be remembered for her dedication to Chipley Garden Club and Falling Waters State Park.  She headed up maintaining the Joyce Carter Memorial Butterfly Garden just as her mother, Josephine McGlamery, did before her.  I’m sure Ri would be very pleased with our choice and that it has been planted so near the butterfly garden!!”

Scout Master Red Spangenberg remarked, “The Boy Scouts appreciated Ri’s support. .  She gave of her heart and her time.  Ri unselfishly shared her knowledge of nature with us, provided space for our projects, and supported our boys in so many other ways.”

Chipley Garden Club meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at a local venue or a member’s home.  We welcome visitors and new members at any time.  If you are interested in learning about the club or its activities, please contact Club President Gail Exum at 850-638-0950.