Chipley Garden Club


If you have visited Chipley’s City Hall or driven by lately and taken a good look at it, you probably noticed that the landscaping is out of date and overgrown.  It is long overdue for a refreshing new look and, with Washington County’s 200th birthday coming up next year, it’s time for a new look.

Chipley Garden Club was requested by the City of Chipley to drop by for a visit and make a few suggestions on how to update the landscape using low maintenance plants and trees, special feature ideas, and colorful plantings at a reasonable cost.

Club President Gweneth Collins remarked, “If you bring all our members together, we have a lot of experience at landscaping.  We’re always working in our own gardens – moving this, changing that, finding out what works and what doesn’t.  It was an honor to be asked to help.

Keep an eye out for exciting things happening at City Hall!