BCF holds sixth annual Elevate Music and Worship Arts Camp

After a long year without camps, on July 12-16, the Music and Worship Division at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) were excited to lead the sixth “Elevate Music and Worship Arts Camp” on the Graceville campus. According to Assistant Camp Director Renee McKinney, there were 45 campers, 15 staff members, and 7 professions of faith that highlighted the week-long worship camp experience.

Elevate Worship Concert with the Combined Choir

The campers engaged in multiple worship events to “elevate” and strengthen their ability to lead and participate in worship through singing and playing instruments, and other creative expressions and disciplines such as sign language and worship technology. The 45 motivated campers, sixth through twelfth graders, sharpened their musical knowledge and learned about biblical worship and the skills needed to lead a grounded Bible-based worship. BCF faculty, staff, and students taught classes in voice, piano, guitar, orchestra, worship leadership, worship technology, photography, videography, and sign language.

Along with talented clinicians leading breakout sessions, the “Elevate Music and Worship Arts Camp” experience presented participants with opportunities for spiritual development through Bible study, youth-oriented worship services, and daily devotional times. Students were shown the importance of their God-given gifts and abilities, and the joy of using those talents to glorify God.

The team encouraging and leading campers included the Camp Director, BCF Music and Worship Division Chair Bill Davis, Assistant Camp Director Renee McKinney, Camp Pastor Josh Richards, Camp Worship Leader Justin Mills, Instructors, BCF Professor Ron Branning, Bill Knowles, Justin McKinney, Shonda Johnston, Grady Gomillion, and Camp Counselors Danny Love, Sarah Matthews, Paul Samson, Naomi Stading, Tommy Hudson, Heather Hudson, and Jonathan Norris. “We had such an exciting worship-filled week at Elevate,” stated McKinney. “With soaring reviews, campers have voiced that they can’t wait to return next year!”

In addition to the inspirational worship experiences and class instruction, the campers enjoyed fun times of fellowship and recreation. Extra-curricular activities included a fun time with water balloons, an evening talent show, crazy games, a trip to the water park, and an enjoyable ‘color’ war. The camp concluded with a final worship concert on July 16, featuring a combined choir and presentations from each of the specialty group classes and Presidential Scholarships presented to the seniors. And yes, as campers left the campus to return home, they could already be heard making plans to attend next year’s camp.

For more information on the music and worship degrees offered at The Baptist College of Florida or information on next year’s “Elevate Music and Worship Arts Camp” please contact 850-263-3261 ext. 427 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.