BBB Industries partners with Chipola Automotive program

Pictured from left are: Matt Gaul, BBB Industries technical advisor; John Gardner, Chipola automotive instructor; Eric Dove, Chipola TV and Video Director; Steven Albert, BBB Industries director of technical sales and service; Greg Owens, BBB Industries marketing manager; Josh Ellis, Chipola automotive teaching assistant and Darwin Gilmore, Chipola dean of workforce development

Chipola College recently partnered with BBB Industries to create and host 10 tech tip videos. BBB industries is recognized as the aftermarket leader of innovative products and services.

The tech tip videos will educate viewers on common installation errors, helping both the professional technician and the do-it-yourselfer avoid pitfalls. BBB industry will use these videos as well as send them out to their vendors for educational purposes.

BBB industries also donated starters, alternators and other parts to the Chipola Automotive program. These parts are of the highest quality and technology which will benefit students in the classroom.

Darwin Gilmore, Dean of Workforce and Economic Development says, “Educational and Industry partnerships are what drives our workforce programs. It keeps us relevant on teaching today’s technologies.”