Archeologists At Work In Washington County

Washington County Historical Society is very excited to announce that a significant archeological site has been located in Southern Washington County.

Museum Director Dorothy Odom stated, “It is believed that the original location of Holms Town, the village settled around 1814 by the Red Stick Muscogee Creek Chief Holms and his followers, has finally been located.  Of course, we can’t reveal the location for security reasons.  Artifacts were first presented following Hurricane Michael’s destruction – clearly visible in uprooted trees.  Today the dig has been made possible by a grant obtained by the society and more artifacts are turning up every day.”

Dale Cox, local historian/author, gave a report to historical society members on Friday, March 3rd.  He remarked the dig is going extremely well and lots of artifacts are being found – pottery, tools, charcoal remnants, and other “signs of life” including a well and the remains of a cabin.  The charcoal is significant because Holms Town was torched.  This may turn out to be the largest Muscogee Creek digs in Northwest Florida.  The plan is to 3-D print the artifacts so that they can be displayed at Washington County Historical Society’s museum and the Vernon Historical Society.

The Holms Town dig is just one of the many projects associated with Washington County Historical Society.  If you would like to be a part of saving our history, or would like more info about our activities, plan a visit to the museum which is open on Fridays from 9AM until 1PM.  Special arrangements for visits are available with advance notice by calling Director Dorothy Odom at 850-638-0358.

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  1. I have found several artifacts in south Washington county since before they started working on hwy 77…. I have some nice pieces

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