2023 Northwest District Chick Chain Show

On March 11, 2023, over 50 4-Hers and over 100 chickens filled the barn and auditorium for the 2023 Northwest District Chick Chain show. The show was culmination of the seven month 4-H Chick Chain project.

At the beginning of the 4-H year, 4-Hers took ownership of day old chicks and began their journey in the 4-H poultry science project. They learned about poultry nutritional and housing needs, how to bathe and show their birds, and how to perform health assessments. This program also encourages the development of life skills. Life skills are also known as workforce ready skills – skills that help individuals adapt to and perform in different settings.

Some of those workforce ready skills include:

  • Communication – During the project, 4-Hers learned how to perform health checks on their birds. At the show, they conduct a health check for a judge. They explain to a judge how to perform the check, what they are looking for, and why a health check is important. 4-Hers could also choose to participate in Avian Adventures and give a presentation or demonstration on any aspect of poultry science.
  • Problem Solving – 4-Hers participated in a skill-a-thon to test what they learned throughout the project. Senior 4-Hers were given scenarios to apply the best care and nutrition practices to meet a given situation.
  • Work Ethic – Caring for an animal requires daily attention. 4-Hers fed and watered their animals daily, changed bedding, and prepared for cold temperatures to protect their birds. They also practiced their showmanship skills by frequently handling their birds to ensure they were tame.
  • Reading and Mathematics – 4-Hers completed a record book at the end of their project. In their record books, youth documented project goals, what they learned during the project, and animal care tasks. They also completed a financial record of expenses and income throughout the project.

At the show, all 4-Hers participated in poultry showmanship. First-time show participants and Cloverbuds participated in a skill-a-thon to test the knowledge and skills they learned in the project. 4-Hers who participated in last year’s Chick Chain show participated in Avian Adventures giving a presentation or demonstration on any poultry science related topic.

Holmes County 4-Hers participating included: Emmit Ackman, Kaydence Ackman, Jocelyn Brock, Lincoln Brock, Patience Dias, and Laura Mae Waters.

Washington County 4-Hers participating included: Aubrey Mauldin, Lyla Scurlock, Rhett Pigott, Jackson Scurlock, and Audrey Stephens.

2023 NWD 4-H Chick Chain Show Results

Grand Champion Pullet – Laura Mae Waters, Holmes County 4-H

Grand Champion Production – Audrey Stephens, Washington County 4-H


  • 2nd place Junior – Jackson Scurlock, Washington County 4-H
  • 3rd place Intermediate – Emmit Ackman, Holmes County 4-H
  • 3rd place Senior – Audrey Stephens, Washington County 4-H


  • 1st place Cloverbud – Aubrey Mauldin, Washington County 4-H

Avian Adventures Illustrated Talk

  • 1st place Junior – Jocelyn Brock, Holmes County 4-H
  • 2nd place Junior – Kaydence Ackman, Holmes County 4-H
  • 3rd place Senior – Audrey Stephens, Washington County 4-H

The 2023-2024 NWD 4-H Chick Chain program will begin in September 2023 at the start of the new 4-H year. For more information, contact your county 4-H Agent: Holmes County – Chris Lauen,lauenc@ufl.edu or Washington County – Julie Pigott Dillard, juliepd@ufl.edu

Article by Julie Pigott Dillard & Chris Lauen, UF/IFAS Extension

Pictures by Chris Lauen, Julie Pigott Dillard & Amber Scurlock



     Laura Mae Waters, Grand Champion Pullet





Audrey 1 – Audrey Stephens, Grand Champion Production Chicken, 3rd place Senior showmanship, 3rd place Senior illustrated talk.







Jackson Scurlock, 2nd place Junior showmanship.





Emmit Ackman, 3rd place Junior showmanship.







Mauldin, 1st place Cloverbud skill-a-thon.





Jocelyn Brock, 1st place Junior illustrated talk.








Kaydence Ackman, 2nd place Junior illustrated talk.






Rhett Pigott pointing out the parts of his chicken during Cloverbud showmanship.








Patience Dias getting ready for poultry showmanship.







Lyla Scurlock and her bird, Silver.