Williams reunion

1953 Reunionsubmitted by Billy Williams

From one man in 1800, 23 children by two marriages … the Williams clan grew into the largest living clan in the state of Florida (presently way over 77,000 living members).

This reunion is still active at around 75 to 150 each October … down considerably from 1953 where there were over 1,500 in attendance. In its heyday, you had senators, US representatives, governors, and news reporters in attendance.

At this reunion, the first patriarch’s (Andrew Elton Williams) son was still living … Wiley Williams, born 1869 and died in 1963. His father was approximately 69 years old when Wiley was born, so he died 163 years after his daddy was born … talk about a generation gap!

news clipping


news clipping

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  1. Were any of these Williamses around West Tennessee ? I’m a Williams we may be related.

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