WFEC closes office locations

GRACEVILLE, FLA. – West Florida Electric Cooperative (WFEC) has elected to close its office locations effective Monday, March 16 to help reduce potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus for their employees and their members. Drive thrus in the Bonifay and Graceville districts will remain open for payments. Members in the Sneads district can make cash payments in the drive thrus at those offices.

Other payment options available to members include payments by phone using the automated system or speaking to a member services representative. Online payments can be made using their website or the mobile apps available for Apple and Android devices. To access online payments for the first time, please call 800-342-7400 to get started.

Applications for new service may be completed online or by calling 800-342-7400 to set up an in-person appointment.

• To make payments online visit
• Download the mobile apps for Apple or Android by shopping your app store or visiting
WFEC’s website
• To make payments using the automated phone system call 855-699-3322
• To speak to a member services representative or your local district office call

Please continue to follow WFEC on Facebook or visit the website for future updates.