Update from BCF

Information on The Baptist College of Florida’s plan for the fall semester is outlined in a message written by President Thomas A. Kinchen to the faculty, staff and students.

Message from Dr. Kinchen:

Good Morning,

We are scheduled for classes on campus to begin on August 10, 2020. That date is approaching rapidly! Staff members are working diligently to ensure that facilities will be ready for the safest operation that we can offer.

A few things will be very different. We will practice social distancing in every possible situation. We will provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the campus. We will be taking temperatures at various times and places. We will be wiping down and sanitizing classrooms, equipment and all facilities on a regular basis. We will provide masks for students, faculty and staff. We will be installing plexiglass safety shields in offices.

Our chapel schedule will be different for the fall semester. We will meet at 9:30 at the gazebo in Daniel Plaza between the Prayer Chapel and the Student Center. If it is inclement weather, we will meet in the R.G. Lee Chapel. Since we are encouraged to avoid larger crowds as often as possible, we will have chapel services on Monday only during the fall semester. The services will last approximately thirty (30) minutes.

During the summer, we are working on a fundraising effort for the purpose of providing Free On-campus Housing on the Graceville campus during the fall semester. We set a goal of $150,000 to cover the fall semester and a goal of $300,000 to cover the entire 2020-2021 session. I am delighted to inform you that at the present time we have raised $235,000! We can cover the fall semester costs, and we are making progress toward covering the costs for spring 2021. God has blessed graciously! Hopefully this scholarship program will enable many more students to come to the College and live on campus. Students must apply for the scholarships at the Financial Aid Office.

We do not know what the landscape will look like for the beginning of the fall semester, but we do know that our Lord is in control. Therefore, we are going to follow Him faithfully as the men and women of The Baptist College of Florida have since 1943.

God Bless Each of You,

Thomas A. Kinchen, President, The Baptist College Of Florida