SWAT makes presentation at Vernon City Hall

Several Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) youth conducted a presentation at the Vernon City Council workshop on March 1. The student presentation emphasized how Point of Sale polices can help decrease the tobacco use rate among students and adults. Tobacco advertising and placement at the point of sale prompts kids to start smoking.

SWAT youth Alitzel and Maya Sapp presented a display board and a large glass container that was filled with electronic nicotine devices (ENDs). According to Milton Brown, the glass container that they had on display took less than a school year to be filled by confiscating ENDs from the student body at the Vernon High School.

There were several examples of these electronic cigarettes that were brightly colored, and characters illustrated on the sides. This shows that the tobacco industry is using this tactic to attract and target the youth of today, says Milton Brown.

After the presentation, the Vernon City Council and the audience were able to ask questions regarding the information that SWAT youth had provided.

Milton Brown, chairperson for the Washington County Tobacco Free Partnership, said the youth hoped that the presentation “showed everyone here today that Point of Sale policies can reduce the tobacco rate in youth today. If this works, this can help us take another step forward to a tobacco free generation.”

“In our local schools, we have hundreds of students using these electronic devices, vapes and e-cigarettes,” concluded Mr. Brown.