Student housing scholarships extended at BCF

Dr. Thomas A. Kinchen, President of The Baptist College of Florida, has announced that the Student Housing Scholarship Program that was initiated in the Fall Semester of 2020 has been extended into the Spring Semester 2021. The scholarship program provides cost free housing for qualifying students who live on the campus in Graceville.

According to the BCF President, “Housing is one of the significant cost areas for our students. Through this program, students and their families are relieved of a large portion of their overall college expenses. We are grateful for those individuals and groups who have contributed to this program as an investment in Changing the World through the Unchanging Word.©”

For more information on the Student Housing Scholarship Program, please call 800.328.2660 or visit the website at

BCF students, Emily Straughn and Mary Klein, pose for a picture in front of Napier Hall.