Reflection of Thanksgiving traditions

by Carol Wyatt

It’s hard to think of Thanksgiving without thinking of tradition, and it’s difficult to enjoy the present holiday without reflecting on those past and thinking of loved ones who have passed on.

That’s why this chocolate pie is more than a pie.

This is the recipe my Granny Sasser made for her family, the one my Mama says was the very first she asked Granny to write down for her when she married my dad.

This is the same recipe that has graced every Thanksgiving and Christmas of my memory – first at Granny’s table, then at Mama’s, and now at mine.

The one I recall standing in a chair to stir as a child, keeping the motion going so the chocolate wouldn’t stick or scald as it thickened.

The one my children have watched me bake, sometimes “just because”.

Baking this pie is a way to remember my Granny and have her here with us today and to honor my Mama, who has lovingly baked hundreds of them for her family over the last 50 years.

One day, it will be baked by my children and eventually, be passed down yet again.

Our grandparents and parents give us ties like these to link past and future generations.

We should take the time to listen, to learn, and ultimately, to teach.

Whether it’s a pie or another skill, embrace the teachings of those who have come before. After all, the gift isn’t just in the knowledge, but rather the spirit of love in which it was given – and the undying legacy it leaves behind years after the teacher is gone.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you’re with those you love most today – and that you cherish them while they’re here.