Officer Memorial Scholarships

Sheriff John Tate is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Officer Memorial Scholarships.

The scholarships will help these students further their goal of serving the community in their chosen profession. As you know, they are named and given in honor of local heroes who were killed in the line of duty.

Dalton Wilkinson

Joe Bill Galloway Memorial Scholarship:
Dalton Wilkinson, Poplar Springs High School.
Dalton is working to be a certified wildlife officer.

Nathan Johnson

Daniel Jackson Brownell Memorial Scholarship:
Nathan Johnson, Holmes County High School.
Nathan is working on his certification as a firefighter/EMT

Michaelyn Wallace

Lonny Lee Lindsey Memorial Scholarship:
Michaelyn Wallace, Bethlehem High School.
Michaelyn is pursuing a career in nursing.

Malacie Campbell

Gregory Guy Malloy Memorial Scholarship:
Malacie Campbell, Ponce de Leon High School.
Malacie is also pursuing a career in nursing.