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Chipola Nursing Graduates 2020

A total of 21 students recently completed the Associate Degree Nursing program at Chipola College. Graduates are now qualified to take the state certification examination to become Registered Nurses.

Graduates include: Carlee Barfield, Zara Boykin, Matthew Bruner, Caroline Carson, Sofia Coley, Olivia Cotton, Mackenzie Davis, McKenna Evans, Alexis Fritz, Kendal Herndon, Emma Ham, Cody Hampton, Kaylee Hatcher, Jameila Hogan, Jessica McCardle, DeAnna McGuffin, Chloey McLeod, Kendall Mitchell, Hillary Oliver, Haley Smith and Madison Smith.

The Pinning Ceremony can be viewed at this link:

Chipola PR Office Wins AFC Awards

The Chipola College Office of Public Relations recently won four awards from the Communications and Marketing Commission of the Association of Florida Colleges.

The PR Office won a Gold Award for the print edition of The Chipola Monthly and a Bronze Award for the digital edition of The Chipola Monthly. Dr. Bryan Craven, Chipola PR Director is the publisher of the newsletter; clerical assistant Morgan Roberts is the editor.

The office won a Silver Award for the “Stay Home, Stay Well and Excel” newspaper ad campaign created by designer Meri Mock.  TV Director Eric Dove won a Bronze Award for the “Chipola Tech Theater: Working Through COVID” video promotion.

AFC is a statewide organization open to all employees, retirees and trustees of the 28 colleges in the Florida College System. AFC provides professional development opportunities for its members, and represents the interests of colleges before the Florida Legislature. The Association has nearly 9,000 individual employee and retiree members.

Chipola Releases Christmas Video

The Chipola College Fine and Performing Arts department has created a video of “A Chipola Christmas 2020” to put everyone in the holiday spirit. The show can be viewed online at The video also can be accessed on Chipola’s Facebook page.

Evelyn Ward, Chipola Director of Fine and Performing Arts, said, “When our faculty started planning our Fall semester, we knew two things to be true: first, creative people have to create and perform and second, everyone needs the arts—especially at this time.”

With no audiences allowed on campus, Ward proposed a plan to combine the Fall theater production and the music department’s Christmas show into a video production. Working in small groups, students were able to follow safety protocols throughout the filming by Eric Dove, Director of Television and Video Production. Each performing arts director was responsible for their group’s contribution to the project.

“This was a great learning experience for our students and faculty, as the process of video/film is very different from a stage performance,” Ward said.  “Music students laid down tracks in a studio to get a professional sound. And then, there were hours and hours of filming.” Chipola Theatre Tech students also learned about the differences between live theatre and setting up a scene for video, as well as how to take lighting and sound on location.

Ward said, “Director Eric Dove is a saint – and a very talented one. He worked tirelessly with our directors from vision to completion to produce this professional video.”

“I can’t say enough about the work the Fine Arts faculty and staff and CCTV did on this project. Angie White, Josh Martin, Connie Smith, Raines Carr, Josh Tetlow and Eric Dove all are to be commended for their work on this performance—a performance that lasted four months,” Ward said.

The Chipola Show Choir, directed by Angie White, includes: Niya Bright, Michael Brown, Ricky Coachman, Bryce Etheridge, Corinthians Guilford, Tinsley Hodges, Alexander Hunt, James Kidd, Caroline King, Morgan Lee, Emma Rines, George Roulac, Hanah Speers and Elijah Wells.

The Chipola Theatre, directed by Raines Carr, includes: Dorian Chancey, Gwyneth Davis, Bryce Etheridge, Alexis Hall, Tinsley Hodges, Ashley Lytle, Tristan Pettus, George Roulhac, Madison Smith and Elijah Wells.

The Chipola Chorus, directed by Angie White, includes: Niya Bright, Michael Brown, Ricky Coachman, Kiera Culbreath, Bryce Etheridge, Alexander Hunt, Morgan Lee, Shay’La Pinkard, Emma Rines, Hanah Speers and Clara Walters-Medina.

The Chipola Jazz Band, directed by Dr. Josh Martin, includes: Will Adcock (bass trombone), Rebecca Ambrose (alto sax), Mandolin Brown (piano), Michael Brown (tuba), Victoria Clair (tenor sax), Austin Dennison (guitar), Maggie Ham (clarinet), Caroline King (alto sax), Chandler King (trumpet), Westly Randolph (bass), Honor Rogers (trombone), Alex Roper (bass), Zac Trotman (alto sax) and Abby Watson (drums).

The President’s Ensemble, directed by Dr. Josh Martin, includes: Mary Barwick, Niya Bright, Mandolin Brown, Michael Brown, Daniel Clubb, Kiera Culbreath, Bryce Etheridge and Clara Walters-Medina.

The Theatre Tech Students, directed by Connie Smith and Assistant Josh Tetlow include: Aaron Hamilton, James Kidd, Leah Lewis, Drake Miller, Tayla Robarts, Hayley Sapp, Lucille Sloan and Wyatt Watford.

When the project started in August, the main goal was to give students some type of performance component for their semester. “It ended up being one of the best learning experiences they may have in their time here at Chipola, Ward said. “And while we’re happy with the outcome of the video project, we can’t wait to get back on our stage with a packed audience and real applause!”

Scott Retires

Ada Scott, Teaching Assistant in the Chipola College Cosmetology program, (center) recently retired from the college. She is pictured with Paige Vanderwerf, Cosmetology Instructor, and Darwin Gilmore, Dean of Workforce Education.

Register Now for Spring Classes at Chipola College

Early Registration for Spring 2021 classes at Chipola College will continue through Dec. 17.

Students may contact an advisor by phone or email, or make an appointment for a face-to-face advising session. Online registration will continue during the Christmas Break for eligible students.

Registration with an advisor will resume on Monday, Jan. 4 and continue through Jan. 12. Classes begin Jan. 7.

Advisors include: Karen Hall,, 850-718-2424; Ken Kallies,, 850-718-2437; Leigh Whittington,, 850-718-2290; Kristi Mosley,, 850-718-2417 and Ashley Harvey,, 850-718-2417.

Chipola offers Bachelor’s Degrees, Associate in Arts Degrees, Associate in Science Degrees and Workforce Development programs and certifications. The schedule of classes is available online at

For information, contact: Admissions,, 850-718-2211 718-2211;  Business,, 850-718-2220; Financial Aid,, 850-718-2366; or Testing,, 850-718-2284.

Application Deadline For Chipola CNA Program

Application deadline for Chipola’s Spring 2021 Certified Nursing Assistant program is Jan. 15.

Applications should be emailed to Samantha Skipper at or Annamarie Johnson at  The CNA Program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.

A link to the application is available at:

For information, contact Samantha Skipper at or phone 850-718-2316.

Testing Center and Library Hours of Operation for Finals Week (Dec. 9-15).

Friday, December 11: 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Monday, December 14: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday, December 15: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Testing will be limited to students with accommodations and for those who have difficulty accessing their exams. Students must schedule their appointments at
For more information contact, Karen Bradley at 718-2207.
After the Thanksgiving break, students may complete Honorlock exams in the college library but will need to make an appointment in advance. (850-718-2274)  Library hours are Mon. – Fri., 7:00-4:00pm.

Final Exam Schedule, Fall 2020

Monday, December 14
7:30  ARH 1000-001, ENC 1101-001, ENC 2905-003, MAC 1105-M01/W01, MAC 1140-001/801, MAC 1311-001/501, MAC 2312-001/801,
MAT 1033-M01/W01, WOH 2012-M01/W01
10:30  BSC 2010-001/501, BSC 2011-M01/W01/501, BSC 2086-M03/W03/503, CGS 1060-M02/W02, ECO 2023-M01/W01,
EDG 4410-M01/W01, EGN 1108-001, ENC 0022-800, ENC 1101-005, ENC 1101-802, EVR 1001-M02/W02, HUM 1020-800, MAC 1105-007/807,
MAC 1311-003/503, MAT 1033-M03/W03, MUN 1310-001/801, MUN 2310-001/801, PET 2210-001, PHY 2048C-001/501, PSY 2012-M03/W03,
SYG 1010-M01/W01
1:30  CHM 1030-001, ENL 2022-001, ETI 1701-001, HUM 2235-002, MAC 1140-002/802, MAE 3816-001, MGF 1106-001, MTG 3212-001, MUT 1241-001, THE 1000-801, TPA 1290-001, TPA 1291-001, TPA 1291-001, TPA 2293-001, TPA 2294-001
4:15  MVK 1111-001, SCE 3320-001
5:30  ACG 3101-001, BSC 2085-003/503, COP 2000-001/501, EET 1084C-001, EMS 0110V-001, ETD 1320-800, GIS 1060-801, MAN 4162-001,
MAT 1033-M05/W05
Tuesday, December 15
9:00  AMH 2020-R01/T01, AML 2010-R01/T01, ART 1300C-001, BSC 2085-001/501, BSC 2086-R01/T01, ECO 2013-R01/T01, EDG 2370-001,
EMS 2620-001, ENC 1101-004, ENC 1101-801, ENC 1102-003, LEI 1000-001, MAC 1105-R04/T04, MAC 2233-R01/T01, MUT 2116-001,
NUR 2243C-800, PSC 1121-001, REA 0019-001, SPC 2608-801, SYG 1000-R01/T01
12:00  ART 1203C-001, EDF 2085-001, ENC 1101-R02/T02, ENC 1102-800, GEB 1011-001, HUM 2235-800, MAC 1311-002/502, MCB 2010-001/501,
MUN 1340-001, MUN 2340-001, SPC 2050-001, SPN 1120-002
3:00  EDG 4936-001, LAE 3314-001, LIT 4044-001, MUN 1140-001, MUT 2246-001, SPC 2608-005, SPT 2521-001, TPP 2120-001
5:30  AML 2020-001, COP 2224-001/501, MAC 1105-006, MUN 2141-001, MUN 2710-001, MUN 2711-001, SUR 1101-001
CLASSES LISTED – No early final examinations will be given.
EXAM LOCATION – All final exams will be administered through Honorlock at the specified day/time.  Consult instructor for any changes.
CLASSES NOT LISTED – Consult your instructor.
GRADES – Grades are due in the Admissions Office on Wednesday, December 16, by 12:00 p.m.  (including “I” grades from spring semester)
MAKE-UP EXAMS – All make-up exams must be approved by the Department Dean.
TERMS B and C Final Exams on the last day of the term.

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