News from Chipola College

Spring 2021 Registration

Early Registration for Spring 2021 classes at Chipola College will continue through Dec. 17. Students may contact an advisor by phone or email, or make an appointment for a face-to-face advising session.

Online registration will continue during the Christmas Break.

Registration with an advisor will resume on Monday, Jan. 4 and continue through Jan. 12. Advisors include: Karen Hall,, 850-718-2424; Ken Kallies,, 850-718-2437; Leigh Whittington,, 850-718-2290; Kristi Mosley,, 850-718-2417 and Ashley Harvey,, 850-718-2417.

Adams Memorial Scholarship Available For Fall 2021

The Donald W. Adams Memorial Scholarship for English majors will be available for the Fall 2021 semester at Chipola College.

The scholarship is named in honor of Donald W. Adams, Chipola Faculty Emeritus, who taught English at Chipola for more than 25 years. The scholarship will be awarded to an English major or an English Education major.

The scholarship will be added to the Chipola Foundation scholarship list which will be released in March 2021. Application deadline will be the same as other foundation scholarships.  Applicants will submit materials as required on the Foundation scholarship application.

For information, visit the Foundation website at or call 718-2445.

Cross Memorial Scholarship Available For Fall 2021

The Katelyn Patricia Cross Memorial Scholarship will be awarded for the Fall 2021 semester at Chipola College.
The $1,000 scholarship will be added to the Foundation scholarship list to be released in in March 2021.

Katelyn Patricia Cross was a 2013 Malone High School graduate who was living with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a rare genetic disease that causes difficulty walking and impaired speech. The scholarship will be awarded to a current Malone High School graduate who best exemplifies Katelyn’s spirit, passion and joy for living.

Applicants must be a current year Malone High School graduate with a 3.0 GPA. Applicants must demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of others, have a kind-hearted nature, a passion for success and perseverance. Applicants must have been involved in an extra-curricular activity at Malone High School, have a proven record of outstanding leadership ability, school service, good moral conduct and community involvement. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who is not already receiving a full athletic or academic scholarship.

The application deadline April 20.  Applicants will submit materials as required on the Chipola Foundation scholarship application to the Guidance Counselor’s office at Malone School. The scholarship is available to applicants regardless of race, gender, national origin, religion or disability.

For information, visit the Foundation website at or call 718-2445.

Application Deadline For Chipola CNA Program

Application deadline for Chipola’s Spring 2021 Certified Nursing Assistant program is Jan. 15.

Applications should be emailed to Samantha Skipper at or Annamarie Johnson at  The CNA Program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.

A link to the application is available at:

For information, contact Samantha Skipper at or phone 850-718-2316.

Chipola Alumnus And Rex Lumber CEO Named To U.S. Endowment For Forestry And Communities

The U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment) recently elected Board members and officers for 2021. The Board welcomes Chipola graduate Curtis Wynn from the Roanoke Electric Cooperative, Caroline Dauzat from Rex Lumber, and Shannon Estenoz from the Everglades Foundation, to serve three-year terms.

Curtis Wynn is President & CEO at the Roanoke Electric Cooperative (REC), located in Aulander, North Carolina. He brings 35 years of experience in the electric utility industry to the Endowment Board, having served in various capacities, including information technology, marketing, economic development, and senior management. He is the first African American in the nation to serve as the top executive of an electric cooperative. Under Curtis’s leadership, REC has won numerous awards and accolades and continues to expand on its foundational cooperative principles: voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy and independence, education, training and information, and concern for the community. Curtis received his Associate of Arts degree from Chipola College in Marianna, FL, and a Bachelor of Science from Troy University, in Dothan, AL.

Caroline (McRae) Dauzat is a fourth-generation owner at Rex Lumber (Rex) and also serves as President of Apalachee Pole Company, one of Rex’s operating companies. Rex has been manufacturing forest products since 1926 and specializes in Southern Yellow Pine lumber. With more than 700 employees located at four mills, two in Florida, one in Mississippi, and one in Alabama, the company actively contributes to the communities in which it operates, including educational programs and training and supporting projects with Habitat for Humanity. Caroline received a Master of Business Administration from Loyola University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida.

The U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities is a not-for-profit public charity working with partners in the public and private sectors to advance systemic, transformative, and sustainable change for the health and vitality of the nation’s working forests and forest-reliant communities. To learn more, visit

Chipola Building Program Joins Park Project

Students in the Chipola College Building Construction Technology program are building picnic tables for the Marianna Pocket Park project. The project will be featured on Today’s Homeowner, a national home improvement show starring Marianna native Danny Lipford.  Lumber for the park was donated by Rex Lumber.  The show will be filmed in Marianna, Dec. 4-10.

SHEFFIELD IS CHIPOLA EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH—Dianne Sheffield is Chipola College’s Career Employee for December.  Sheffield serves as a Departmental Staff Assistant for Facilities & Campus Operations and has worked at the college since 2019.  Pictured from left, are: Dianne Sheffield and Dennis Kosciw, Director of Facilities & Campus Operations.

Testing Center and Library Hours of Operation for Finals Week (Dec. 9-15).

Wednesday, December 9:  8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Thursday, December 10: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday, December 11: 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Monday, December 14: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday, December 15: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Testing will be limited to students with accommodations and for those who have difficulty accessing their exams. Students must schedule their appointments at
For more information contact, Karen Bradley at 718-2207.
After the Thanksgiving break, students may complete Honorlock exams in the college library but will need to make an appointment in advance. (850-718-2274)  Library hours are Mon. – Fri., 7:00-4:00pm.

PTK New Members

The Chipola College Nu Chi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa recently inducted new members in the academic honor society.

PTK is the premier honor society recognizing the academic achievement of students at associate degree-granting colleges and helping them to grow as scholars and leaders.

Bailey Rich is president of the Chipola Nu Chi Chapter. New members include: Amanda Applewhite, Riley Arunakul, Madeline Barfoot, Amber Baxley, Marissa Baxter, Caroline Bishop, Kynley Braxton, Destiini Brown, Hannah Brown, Chloe Bruner, Richard Brunner, Julie Burge, Hannah Byram, Caroline Carson, Kristen Chambliss, Stephanie Culbreath, Jonathan Day, Shawn Dees, Meghan Deese, Murphy Doelman, Nathanael Douceur, Madison Ealum, Keshia Edenfield, Hannah Faircloth, Victor Fisher, Bryan Garcia, Chelsea Gardner, Peyton Gay, Ronak Gocool, Sydnee Goodson, Jewell Griffin, Kaylin Griffin, Kevin Gutierrez, Maggi Harris, Jameila Hogan, Destiney Holland, Isabelle Holloway, Savanah Hougland, Joshua Howell, Sadie Hudson, Nathaniel Huskey, Ashtyn Jeter, Andrew Kelley, Clark Kelley, Alexandra Kellner, Stepfane Kent, Payton Kirkland, Natalie Kopicova, Makayla Kopinski, Kacy Lawson, Braden Layne, Mikayla Lewin, Tammie Lijbers, Gracie Lisenby, Ashley Locklear, Paul Mathews, Lat Mayen, Elijah Mayo, Jessica McCardle, Paige McKinnie, Naheem Mcleod, Colton Mercer, Kendall Mitchell, Bethany Mixon, Alexander Monteagudo, Lissa Moreland, Allison Myers, Jordan Newman, Charlie Nichols, Hayden Nichols, Ifunanya Nwachukwa, Ella Page, Hannah Patton, Felix Preston, Howard Purvee, Jr., Megan Ratliff, Brandi Register, Amy Roberts, Jozsef Rohrbacher, Mbaya Sembene, Zoe Shafer, Wendy Sheffield, Bethany Shelley, Amanda Shields, James Shores, Sarah Shuler, John Simpson, Michael Sims, Natalie Sims, Caeli Sloat, Jonathan Smith, MacKenzie Smith, Denise  Spracklen, Derick Stager, Hannah Stephens, Vanessa Stephens, Nicholas Steverson, Jaqueline Stewart, Jessica Thomas, Cassidy Trammell, Diamond Vann, Isabella Watford, Tammy Watson, Jacob Weaver, James Weber, Morgan Welch, Cierra White, Ally Williams, Ashtin Williams, Imani Williams, Ava Worthy, Karen Wyrick, April Yates, Anslie Yoder and Joshua Yongue.

PTK is made up of more than 3.5 million members and nearly 1,300 chapters in 10 nations. Learn more at

Chipola TRiO Officers

The Chipola TRiO Society recently elected officers for the 2020-21 school year. Pictured from left, are: (top) Ezekiel Blount, President; Keyara Dinant Vice President; Natasha Jones, Secretary; (middle) Hayllie Clemmons, Asst. Secretary; Ameilya Bowers, Treasurer; Kendra Caldwell, Chaplain; Dylan Layton, Parliamentarian; Jakayla Williams, Photographer; Marquavious Johnson, Public Relations Coordinator; (Bottom) Alexis O’Neal, SGA Liaison; Rayana Watford, Social Coordinator; Richard Adderson, Social Media Consultant. The Chipola College TRiO Society encourages student self-development, commitment to academics, and dedication to community involvement. TRiO Society provides opportunities for students to gain leadership experience, perform community service and promote academic and personal success.

Workforce Programs Open

There is still time to enroll in many of Chipola’s Workforce Education programs. Several programs start new classes throughout the year, and others offer self-paced learning. Programs include: Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Building Construction Technology, Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology, Welding Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Engineering Technology, Law Enforcement, Correctional Officer and Firefighting. Visit www.chipolaworkforce.comor contact Gilmore at gilmored@chipola.eduor 850-718-2270.

Final Exam Schedule, Fall 2020

Wednesday, December 991,
9:00  CGS 1060-001, CHM 1045-001/501/801, EDF 1005-001, EGN 1002-001, ENC 1101-003, ENC 1101-800, ENC 1102-002, ENC 2905-001,
ETI 1420-001, EVR 1001-M01/W01, MAC 1105-M03/W03, MAC 1114-M01/W01/501, MAC 2313-001/501/801, MAT 1033-M02/W02, MUT 1111-001, PET 2622-001, PHY 1053C-M01/W01/501, PSY 2012-M02/W02, SPC 2608-800, STA 2023-M01/W01/501, SYG 1000-M03/W03
12:00  ACG 2071-001, AML 2010-M02/W02, BSC 2085-M02/W02/502, HUM 1020-001, MAC 1105-M05/W05, MAT 1033-M04/W04, MUN 1370-001/801,
MUN 2371-001/801, MUN 2372-001/801, PET 2760-001, PSY 2012-M04/W04, QMB 4200-001, RED 4854-001, SPN 2220-001, SYG 1010-M02/W02
3:00  EDG 4940-M01/W01, MAE 4815-001, MAS 4203-001, NUR 1141-800, SPC 2017-001, SPN 1120-001
5:30  ENC 0022-001, ETD 1842-801, TPA 2600-001
Thursday, December 10
7:30  AMH 2010-R01/T01, BSC 1005-R01/T01, ENC 1101-002, ENC 1102-001, MAC 1105-R02/T02, SPC 2608-R01/T01
10:30 ACG 2021-R01/T01, AMH 2020-R02/T02, ART 1100C-001, BSC 1005-R02/T02, BSC 2085-R04/T04/504, ECO 2023-R02/T02, EDF 1005-002,
ENC 1101-006, ENC 1102-R01/T01, ENC 2210-001, ETC 2521-001, HLP 1081-001, HUM 2235-001, MUT 1231-001, SPC 2608-802,
STA 2023-R02/T02/502, SYG 1000-R02/T02
1:30  AMH 2010-R02/T02, CGS 1060-004, EDG 2316-001, ENC 1101-R01/T01, ENL 2012-001, LAE 3323-001, MAC 1114-R02/T02/502, MUS 1010-001, TPP 2110-001
4:15  MVK 2121-001
5:30  ACG 4201-001, CJC 1000-800, CTS 1110-001/501, EEX 3264-001, ENC 1101-010
Monday, December 14
7:30  ARH 1000-001, ENC 1101-001, ENC 2905-003, MAC 1105-M01/W01, MAC 1140-001/801, MAC 1311-001/501, MAC 2312-001/801,
MAT 1033-M01/W01, WOH 2012-M01/W01
10:30  BSC 2010-001/501, BSC 2011-M01/W01/501, BSC 2086-M03/W03/503, CGS 1060-M02/W02, ECO 2023-M01/W01,
EDG 4410-M01/W01, EGN 1108-001, ENC 0022-800, ENC 1101-005, ENC 1101-802, EVR 1001-M02/W02, HUM 1020-800, MAC 1105-007/807,
MAC 1311-003/503, MAT 1033-M03/W03, MUN 1310-001/801, MUN 2310-001/801, PET 2210-001, PHY 2048C-001/501, PSY 2012-M03/W03,
SYG 1010-M01/W01
1:30  CHM 1030-001, ENL 2022-001, ETI 1701-001, HUM 2235-002, MAC 1140-002/802, MAE 3816-001, MGF 1106-001, MTG 3212-001, MUT 1241-001, THE 1000-801, TPA 1290-001, TPA 1291-001, TPA 1291-001, TPA 2293-001, TPA 2294-001
4:15  MVK 1111-001, SCE 3320-001
5:30  ACG 3101-001, BSC 2085-003/503, COP 2000-001/501, EET 1084C-001, EMS 0110V-001, ETD 1320-800, GIS 1060-801, MAN 4162-001,
MAT 1033-M05/W05
Tuesday, December 15
9:00  AMH 2020-R01/T01, AML 2010-R01/T01, ART 1300C-001, BSC 2085-001/501, BSC 2086-R01/T01, ECO 2013-R01/T01, EDG 2370-001,
EMS 2620-001, ENC 1101-004, ENC 1101-801, ENC 1102-003, LEI 1000-001, MAC 1105-R04/T04, MAC 2233-R01/T01, MUT 2116-001,
NUR 2243C-800, PSC 1121-001, REA 0019-001, SPC 2608-801, SYG 1000-R01/T01
12:00  ART 1203C-001, EDF 2085-001, ENC 1101-R02/T02, ENC 1102-800, GEB 1011-001, HUM 2235-800, MAC 1311-002/502, MCB 2010-001/501,
MUN 1340-001, MUN 2340-001, SPC 2050-001, SPN 1120-002
3:00  EDG 4936-001, LAE 3314-001, LIT 4044-001, MUN 1140-001, MUT 2246-001, SPC 2608-005, SPT 2521-001, TPP 2120-001
5:30  AML 2020-001, COP 2224-001/501, MAC 1105-006, MUN 2141-001, MUN 2710-001, MUN 2711-001, SUR 1101-001
CLASSES LISTED – No early final examinations will be given.
EXAM LOCATION – All final exams will be administered through Honorlock at the specified day/time.  Consult instructor for any changes.
CLASSES NOT LISTED – Consult your instructor.
GRADES – Grades are due in the Admissions Office on Wednesday, December 16, by 12:00 p.m.  (including “I” grades from spring semester)
MAKE-UP EXAMS – All make-up exams must be approved by the Department Dean.
TERMS B and C Final Exams on the last day of the term.

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