New sign at museum

by Gweneth Collins

new signThese days we seem to have a little “free” time on our hands due to the COVID-19 outbreak….time to catch up on all those little things around the house – or museum – we’ve been putting off. Last Friday a few of the Washington County Historical Society members got out in the sunshine and replaced the very faded Farmers Market/Veterans Memorial/Museum signs with something a little more bright and cheery.

Matthew Orwat, UF/IFAS Washington County Extension Agent, remarked, “We are really excited to assist the museum with this project. They look great and add a nice pop of color to the green! On behalf of the Farmers Market, we say ‘thank you!’”

If you happen to drive by our history museum at 685 7th Street, you can’t miss the new signs! When the museum re-opens for visitors later this year, drop by for a cup of coffee and check out our collections.