Mekara arrested in Jackson County

On September 27, 2020 during the morning hours the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch received a call about a white male who had suspiciously parked a vehicle in the Florida Caverns RV Resort located on Highway 90 and left walking. A short time later, witnesses heard an alarm going off at a nearby pawn shop. Deputies quickly saturated the area and located a subject who possibly matched the description being given.

The male subject was identified as Michael T. Mekara and after running his information, through the dispatch center, NCIC/FCIC returned a felony warrant for Mekara out of Alabama, which was later confirmed to be active. Through the investigation it was learned Mekara had driven to the campground and parked the vehicle, reportedly due to mechanical issues and left walking. Several witnesses observed Mekara jump a fence, from the backside of the building, and enter the property of a nearby pawnshop. Witnesses stated they had heard the alarm and seen the subject running from the building as well.

Deputies checked the pawn shop and discovered the backdoor to the business had been removed from the hinges and pulled away from the building. There were shoe impressions, in the dirt, around the backside of the business, which matched the shoes worn by the subject. There was a metal pry bar also recovered from alongside the business as well.  Video surveillance footage viewed from the business aided Deputies in their investigation.

Based upon the witness statements and evidence recovered during the investigation the suspect, Michael Mekara, was placed under arrest and transported to the Jackson County Correctional Facility to await first appearance on his charges. Sheriff Lou Roberts would like the express his thanks to the citizens of Jackson County for reporting the suspicious activity which lead to the capture and encourage other citizens to call when they see or hear something suspicious.

Michael Thomas Mekara, 33 years of age, Resident of Bonifay

Burglary of Unoccupied Structure or Conveyance
Possession of Burglary Tools with Intent to Use
Trespass on Property
Fugitive from Justice