Jackson County arrest

Sergeant Goodman was approaching Church Street from Stonefield Drive, in Jackson County, Florida and was met by a concerned motorist who was stopped behind a white Ford Crown Victoria that was parked at the stop sign.

Sergeant Goodman noticed the windows fogged over and doors locked so he attempted to wake the person sitting in the driver’s seat. After several attempts to wake the driver, he slowly awakened and began to somewhat respond to the sergeant’s questions and conversation.

Sergeant Goodman was able to identify the subject as James Howard Black, B/M, 36 years of age, of Marianna, Florida, by verifying his name and date of birth along with photo. Sergeant Goodman was able to confirm Mr. Black had violated his probation curfew requiring him to be home between the hours of 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. so as Trooper Maloney and Jackson County Deputy Johnston arrived on scene, they planned to make an arrest.

Trooper Maloney attempted to cuff James Howard Black and he turned away in an attempt to avoid arrest. Mr. Black finally complied with being cuffed but then stood firm in an attempt to resist being placed in the patrol car. Finally, as Black was being placed in Trooper Maloney’s patrol car, he kicked Trooper Maloney in the chest, prior to be transported to the Jackson County Jail. As Trooper Maloney began to drive towards the jail, Mr. Black became combative inside the patrol car, shouting and kicking the car doors.

Black was then transferred over to Sergeant Goodman’s Patrol Tahoe and secured prior to transport to the jail. While on the way to the jail, Black was able to remove his seat belt and hobble restraint and he began to kick the doors of the patrol vehicle. Sergeant Goodman was able to safely arrive at the Jackson County Jail to transfer custody of Black without incident in the jail.

Black caused an estimated $1,000.00 damage to the highway patrol Tahoe due to kicking the doors and windows. Black was charged with violation of probation curfew, battery on a law enforcement officer, and criminal mischief. No injuries occurred during this incident.