Hayride safety – Letter to Editor

Dear Editor:

The events the past week alone is simply stunning and has compelled me to once again to write and send letters to all  535 members of Congress.

First allow me to highlight what happened  the week of October 31.

  • In  Hancock County, IL hayride accident leaves 1 dead, 17 injured.
  • In Pearl River County leaves 10 in critical condition — including 2-year-old
  • In  WASHINGTON COUNTY, FL. (WJHG) – Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) officials say a 24-foot trailer was struck by another car on Corbin Road in Washington County on Saturday night. about 30 people were injured when a Hayride without lights was hit
  • In Jasper County DPS says trailer carrying 8 children on a hayride involved in Halloween crash

By the way the driver of the hayride died.

Each and every year now over 20  men, women and children are killed with hundreds of critical injuries an increase of  10% year over year by these dangerous and unsafe operations. This figure is on the low end of our research as many of these accidents happen on private property and are never reported or covered by the media. You see the  media, facebook, twitter and our own government has a black list and suppression campaign on our safety efforts.

In fact our organization spent over a year developing a report that we wanted to take nationally, a 72 page document highlighting why Cassidy Charette was killed on October 11, 2014. State Senator Susan Collins promised to take our recommendations to the Senate Of The United States Congress. Guess what? Her office lied and well as the National Transportation Safety Board.

Here is the evidence that all have ignored:

In closing Halloween hayrides, Thanksgiving & Christmas parades are a trifecta of deaths & injuries simply highlight the ignorance and incompetence of any elected official to address and use our recommendations to save a single life and prevent injuries by the industry of hayrides and parades.

Shame on all who continue to ignore these preventable deaths and injuries and yes I am applying for the job to be the catalyst to save lives, if only more people believe in me other than God and a select few.


Ron J. Melancon