Final look at Republican candidates before August 18 Florida Primary

The Republican Club of West Florida announces a special pre-primary meeting to be held on August 4 at Jim’s Buffet & Grill in Marianna.This monthly meeting will offer all Jackson County registered voters an opportunity to hear and question the Republican candidates running for offices in this county. “In a matter of just a few days Jackson County voters will have their opportunity to vote for a wide range of elected officials. We’re providing an opportunity to interact with all our candidates,” said Dr. David Bouvin, president of the Republican Club.

Because the slate of candidates includes 15 potential speakers this special meeting will begin promptly at 11:00 A.M  (30 minutes earlier than the normal monthly meetings), with a Dutch treat lunch.

Due to the number of candidates, the presentations will begin at 11:30 A.M. sharp. Each speaker will have three minutes for a brief statement of qualifications and/or policy. Following their comments, candidates will be asked questions collected from the audience. “This exchange should make for a most interesting and educational program,” observed Bouvin. “We will get to see and hear the candidates in their own words as they address concerns that attendees bring to the meeting in the form of questions,” commented Bouvin. “We believe responsible voters will benefit from attending this meeting. Informed voters will be a vital part of this important Florida Primary Election,” Bouvin concluded.