Donation to Jackson Hospital’s Infusion Center

Jill Miller, Vice President of Jackson Hospital Foundation, recently presented a check in the amount of $21,000 to Jackson Hospital’s Infusion Center. This most generous gift was made possible by a major donor’s contribution to Jackson Hospital Foundation specifically earmarked to benefit the Infusion Center. 

The donation provided for the purchase of 10 Home Infusion Pumps, an Infusion Chair, Dinemap Blood Pressure Machine and a Baxter IV Pump. The Jackson Hospital Infusion Center cares for those patients receiving Chemotherapy, Hematology treatments, Blood Transfusions, and other medications.

Ronni Bowen, Senior Vice President of Clinic Operations, commented, “The Infusion Center is so pleased to receive such a wonderful donation of equipment. We pride ourselves in providing top of the line infusion equipment and a comfortable environment for our patients. This amazing gift is so appreciated.”

About Jackson Hospital

Jackson Hospital’s Infusion Center at the Outpatient Center offers convenience for patients who require frequent infusions of medications, including those with central lines. We work with a diverse population of patients, such as: Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, patients with blood disorders such as hemophilia, patients requiring intravenous antibiotics,  and other patients who require intravenous treatments, but are not hospitalized.