COVID vaccines at Chipola

A Chipola College COVID vaccination event for Chipola staff, students, friends/family will be held Wednesday, May 12, 2 to 4 p.m.

The event will be held under the shelter at the Cultural Center on College Street. It will move inside the building in inclement weather.

Must be age 18 or older. Bring state-issued identification. Moderna vaccine.

One Reply to “COVID vaccines at Chipola”

  1. This is crazy over 4 thousand people in the US have died from the various Covid vaccines. Young and elderly people vaccinated dying from blood clots , heart attacks.
    Over 157,000 serious injuries from Covid vaccines and this is only 1% of deaths and injuries reported to the CDC and Vaers. China has banned these Covid vaccines but America is being injured and dying by experimental vaccine. Why us nobody stopping this?

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