Christmas decoration awards presented at Chipley City Council meeting

Awards were presented for outstanding Christmas decorations when the Chipley City Council met February 11.

Council member Kevin Russell with winner of Ward 1, Monica Rehberg

Council member Tommy Sasser with winner Ward 2, Willie Mae Cook

Winner of Ward 3, Joshua Seth Lowery and Mayor Tracy Andrews

Council member Brett Butler and winner Ward 4, (Edgar and) Tamara DonJuan

Council member Linda Cain and winner at Large, Emily and Bryce Farrar

The following agenda items were also approved:

  • Approval of Ordinance No. 959 (Public Hearing) – Amendment to Chapter 2, Article VI – Sale of Municipal Real Property. This Ordinance amends Chapter 2, Article VI, to include an exception for property that is located in an Industrial Zoning Classification and promotes economic development.
  • Approval of Ordinance No. 960 (First Reading) – Amendment to Chapter 11 – Private Property Standards and Abatement of Nuisances. This Ordinance amends Chapter 11 to include the requirement of window maintenance and interior window sight barriers or coverings in designated downtown areas. 
  • Approval of Resolution No. 20-11 – Mongoven Building Extension. This Resolution amends the original Agreement for Development and Option to Repurchase of Real Property known as the Mongoven building, by granting a six-month extension of time to obtain all necessary permits for construction. 
  • Approval of Resolution No. 20-12 – Amendment to the Policy Regarding Placement of Flags. This Resolution amends the days the United States Flag will be displayed in the City of Chipley. 
  • Approval of the FDOT SCOP West Boulevard Agreement for Engineering Services (CEI) – David H. Melvin, Inc. This approves the CEI contract based on the Consultant’s Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA), to David H. Melvin, Inc. in the amount of $33,239.25. 
  • Approval of Reappointment of Code Enforcement Board Members – Suzan Gage and Barbara James. This reappoints Suzan Gage and Barbara James for a three year term beginning March 10, 2020. 
  • Approval of Special Event Application – Relay for Life Team Runner’s High 5K & Kids Fun Run. The 5K will be held, Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 7:30 am. 
  • Approval of Request for Proposals for CRA Consulting Services. This approves the Request for Proposals for the CRA to retain a Consultant(s) to assist the Agency in services regarding grants and best operation practices of Community Redevelopment Agencies.