Teen receives GED while incarcerated

John Morris and Sheriff Crews

Nineteen-year-old John Morris of Vernon was presented with his GED by Sheriff Kevin Crews, on Monday.

“I am proud of this young man,” said Sheriff Crews. “Presenting this GED to Mr. Morris is an honor.”

Morris, who has spent 4 months in the Washington County Jail after being arrested on felony drug charges, chose to use his time in custody to take classes and study.

“We believe programs, such as these, provide a way for inmates to move forward from the situation that landed them in our jail,” said Crews.

After serving his sentence, Morris plans to attend the Florida Panhandle Technical College.

“I’ve learned my lesson,” Morris told Sheriff Crews.

Crews went on to say, “I look forward to seeing where he is at in the months to come. I hope he remembers that if he ever needs us, at any time, we will be there to help.”

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