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The Florida Education Association (FEA) is engaged in a five-week bus tour across 67 counties to raise awareness of the need for the Legislature to invest in public education. Along the way, FEA officers will be participating in events where they will listen to the voices of students, parents, professional educators, and community members.

“It is no secret that educators in Florida are underpaid and underappreciated,” said Fedrick Ingram, president of the Florida Education Association. “We’re on a mission to change that.”

On Tuesday, October 22nd, the Fund Our Future Bus will be stopping in Washington County for events taking place at several Chipley schools. Bright and early at 7:15 am, teachers, students, parents, and staff from Roulhac Middle School, the Washington Academy of Varying Exceptionalities, and Chipley High School, will be gathered at the Roulhac Middle flagpole and dressed in RED. One of the FEA officers will be addressing the crowd about the need to reinvest in public education for the good of our schools and our students. Teachers and staff will then conduct a walk-in to their classrooms where they will begin the school day. FEA President Ingram, Vice-President Andrew Spar, and Secretary-Treasurer Carole Gauronskas will be visiting classrooms, reading to students, and observing classrooms to witness firsthand the top-notch educational opportunities educators provide our County’s children every day.

Exceptional Education Pre-K teacher and president of the Washington County Education Association Linda Mincey made it clear, “After a decade of neglect, where base student funding has fallen by more than $650 per student since the 2007-08 school year, it’s time for a Decade of Progress to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to succeed.”

Over the next decade, the FEA is calling for a $22 billion investment in public schools, including a $2.4 billon down payment for the 2020-21 school year. All public education supporters are encouraged to be part of this event.

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