FPTC finishes creative sessions

What do you get when you mix inquisitive 9-12 graders with the newest technology and add a healthy dose of fun? The answer is “Summer Creative Sessions” … just finishing its inaugural permutation at Florida Panhandle Technical College.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited to find out that we would fly drones, learn the basics of photography, and shoot video and audio for a TV commercial,” said 16 year old Dalton Eastling of Vernon High School as he received his Certificate of Completion from the Inaugural Summer Creative Sessions at Florida Panhandle Technical College.

From drone technology to professional quality photography in a studio environment, to writing and producing a television commercial, to recording vocals and instruments in a sound studio, to shooting photos and video clips at Falling Waters State Park, students in the free Summer Creative Sessions at Florida Panhandle Technical College have experienced a wide variety of high-tech creative endeavors this summer.

“We were fortunate to have a group of very bright individuals in this summer’s class,” said instructor Paul Goulding, “and we are excited to be able to offer this program during the summer months, all courtesy of the Florida Panhandle Technical College Foundation and a grant from Wells Fargo Bank.”

“We are proud of our students and we are proud to be a part of these students lives,” said Martha Compton, FPTC director, as she awarded certificates to the students.

Students from Bonifay, Vernon, Graceville, Bethlehem, Cottondale and Chipley embarked on a learning journey inclusive of drone technology, principles of photography, video production and audio production, music and social media, all at no cost to 9th-12th graders interested in learning more about this technology, with a new class starting each Monday during the summer.

“We have many inquiries about classes for drones, photography, audio production, video production and associated skillsets,” said Compton. “This series of classes allows us to expose this age group to new technologies, with the hope that they will see job opportunities in their futures.”

“This was not a summer baby-sitting offering,” Compton continued, “and the program was offered free to participating students, but it is not free to execute. We encouraged students with a real desire to explore these technologies to attend, and we appreciate our School Board, corporate entities and business community partners, who made this possible.”

“Our programs are as diverse as welding, electrical, and multi-media design, as contemporary as medical administrative assistant, cosmetology, IT, cyber security and networking, and as compelling as nursing, drafting, law enforcement and public safety,” finished Compton.

“Our motto has been One life, one year, one great career,” says Compton, “and we furnish a viable alternative to a four-year post-secondary education with the very real prospect of well-paid jobs.”

For more information about Florida Panhandle Technical College and the programs offered, visit www.FPTC.edu.

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