School Improvement Rating 2018-2019

Florida Department of Education recently released School Improvement ratings for Alternative and ESE Center Schools.

Washington County is pleased to announce WAVE (Washington Academy of Varying Exceptionalities) is “Commendable”. This is the first year WAVE has been a school and serves students with disabilities from preK – 12th grade.

In addition, WISE (Washington Institute of Specialized Education) earned “Maintaining” for the 2nd year. This is the 2nd year the new calculation was implemented. WISE is the district alternative school serving as credit recovery and drop out prevention for grades 6-12.

Schools that elect a school improvement rating have their rating based on learning gains for English Language Arts and/or Math in either the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) or Florida Standards Alternate Assessment (FSAA). Learning gains are measured from year to year and determine a student’s growth. Components are added together and divided by number of components to earn a percentage. In addition to the learning gains, a school must test 90% of students to earn a commendable rating. Schools earning 50% or greater are Commendable; 26%-49% are Maintaining; and schools below 25% are Unsatisfactory.