2019 School Grade

Florida Department of Education released District and School Grades today for the 2018-2019 school year.

Washington County School District continues to improve in the state school grade calculation. WCSD is a “B” district with 59 points — up from 58 last year. School and District grades are calculated based on percentages. The percentage of students who achieve a 3 or higher in Reading and Math, the learning gains of all students in Reading and Math, the learning gains of the lowest quartile in Reading and Math, Science achievement, History achievement, middle school acceleration, graduation rate and college and career acceleration. The percentages are converted to letter grades: 62% or higher is an A, 54%-61% is a B, 41%-53% is a C.

The highlights for WCSD are the increase from 47 points to 55 points for Vernon High. They improved from a C to a B. In addition, Kate Smith improved 2 points and remained a B and Vernon Elementary improved 2 points and remained a C. Roulhac Middle and Chipley High maintained a B.

While Vernon Middle dropped a letter grade they are 1 point from a B.

WCSD will continue to monitor our data to meet all student needs. We strive to provide a quality education that will afford our students opportunities when they transition to adults.

2019 School Grade w/2018 total (click to enlarge)

School Grades