Appropriations secured for Washington County

The office of Florida Senator George Gainer has announced a bill signed into law by the Governor with appropriations for Washington County.

One of the most important Senator Gainer secured for Washington County Sheriff’s Office was $600,000 for construction of a 250 foot free standing tower, all necessary radio equipment to include antennas, a tower top pre-amp, coaxial feed-lines, a multi-coupler combiner, repeaters, battery backup system, soil prep, reinforced foundation, generator, and grounding grid.

This appropriation was incredibly important to Senator Gainer when assessing the county’s weaknesses and the areas impacted by Hurricane Michael. When looking over the needs of the district a great need for the addition of a public safety communications tower in Washington County was identified. During the first few days following the hurricane, Washington County relied solely on a single public safety communications tower for all first responding agencies. Aside from the damages to the communication systems, which were sustained by Hurricane Michael, the current  tower cannot adequately cover the entire county. The knowledge and realization of this threat, which not only involves the safety of first responders but also citizens, has caused great concern.

Senator Gainer could not be more pleased to be able help provide a solution for this safety issue for the citizens of Washington County.

2 thoughts on “Appropriations secured for Washington County

  1. As a First Responder in Washington County, my hat is off to Mr Gainer. During hurricane Micheal it was four days before I knew where my family was. I was volunteering to aid others at the time. We had no communication with anyone. Phones and radios were down. Thank you

  2. I have two strategically located 100 ft. Towers that could be incorporated into this proposed communication network…I am willing to negotiate very reasonable rates for their use…Contact Glenn Nunley for more details and locations of these existing towers…

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