News from Chipola

Anderson talks plants

Pictured are: Dr. Anderson, Graham Bruner, Blake Donaldson, Thomas Hoff and Carol Blake.

ANDERSON TALKS PLANTS—Dr. Loran Anderson, Professor Emeritus of Biological Science and former Curator of the Godfrey Herbarium, Florida State University, recently addressed Chipola environmental science students.  Anderson synthesized his over 60 years of studying botany and identifying plants. Major themes included how life is interrelated and plant diversity. He advised students on careers for botanists which include: teacher work in government agencies, forensics, identification of plants for environmental impacts and better management of the earth.

Transfer day 2019

Chipola College’s Director of Student Support Services, Kristie Mosley, welcomes university recruiters to Chipola College’s 5th Annual Transfer Day.

Chipola College Student Support Services (SSS) recently hosted Chipola College Transfer Day on Wednesday, March 13th in the Chipola College Student Center. Chipola students were able to meet with various university recruiters from across the Southeast to explore transfer admission requirements and scholarship opportunities.

Serving as an information experience for students who plan to continue their education beyond Chipola, the following universities were represented: Abraham-Baldwin Agricultural College, Florida Baptist College, Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University Student Affairs & Animal Sciences, Florida State University-Panama City, Troy University-Dothan & Troy University-PC campus, University of Florida, University of South Alabama and the University of West Florida. In addition, representatives from Chipola Bachelor’s degree programs of Business & Technology and Teacher Education were available to meet with interested students.

Pictured from left, are: Chipola president Dr. Sarah Clemmons and Laurel Foran.

FORAN IS CHIPOLA EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH—Laurel Foran is Chipola College’s Career Employee for March.  Foran serves as a Staff Assistant in Accounts Payable and has worked at the college since 1996.



MARIANNA—Chipola College officials invite students interested in becoming a commissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps to attend a meeting at 3 p.m., Tuesday, April 16, in Building Z, Room 117, on the Chipola campus.

Students will learn how they can enroll in a bachelor’s degree program at Chipola; receive guidance, training, and mentoring from the Marines; and continue working toward the goal of earning a commission as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps after graduation.

In addition to scholarships and/or stipends, Marine Corps PLC students have the opportunity to participate in leadership, physical fitness events and team-building activities.

For information, visit contact Dr. David Bouvin at 718-2380 or