Master Gardeners’ “Garden Team” at work

Garden Team

Pictured from left: Master Gardener Ron Walsh, Horticulturist Matt Orwatt, and Master Gardener Jody LaChance

The new Falling Waters State Park entrance will show people what our Florida native plants can really look like. The Garden Team is hard at work locating native plants. The plan has been made now “Where do you find native plants?”

The Falling Waters State Park entrance is a dream of both the park employees and the Master Gardeners. The plan to put funds, backs, and combined skills and enthusiasm into this project. This will be for Washington County … for pleasure and education. If you would like to help them complete this dream, please keep up with their progress and dates will be announced.

Why native? To prevent introducing invasive plants that have the ability to thrive and spread, and often destroy natural areas. Yes, there are native plants that are invasive, but do not have as much negative impact. Also, natives will provide food for bees, birds and butterflies.