Chipley/Cottondale basketball

The Chipley Tigers defeated the Cottondale Hornets in boys varsity basketball on Friday, by a final score of 64-60. The Chipley JV team also won by a score of 41-22.

Scoring for Chipley were: T. Blackmon 7, Z. Wilson 2, Z. Potter 8, A. Lawton 7, I. Berry 6, J. Swearingen 14, J. Boston 4, A. Berry 3, K. Cox 9, G. Smelcer 4.

Scoring for Cottondale were: T. Bryant 8, M. Clemmons 9, L. Pumphrey 6, D. Garrett 5, D. Barnes 19, E. Hendricks 3, D. Hudson 10.

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