Basketball tournament in Bonifay

Holmes County High School hosted a boys and girls basketball tournament Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with teams from Bethlehem, Poplar Springs and Ponce de Leon, as well as HCHS.

In Friday’s games Bethlehem defeated HCHS 52-40, and Poplar Springs defeated Ponce de Leon 45-41.

Scoring for Bethlehem were: N. Hobbs 2, D. Purvee 11, J. Sumner 29, C. Mollett 3, W. Beall 7.

Scoring for HCHS were: D. Richards 9, A. Potter 15, D. Foreman 2, W. Bailey 2, H. Tablock 2, B. Rich 8, S. Pippin 2.

On Saturday Bethlehem defeated Poplar Springs 52-41

Scoring for Bethlehem were: R. Purvee 8, N. Hobbs 6, D. Purvee 4, J. Sumner 28, C. Mollett 5, W. Beall 1.

Scoring for Poplar Springs were: C. Johnson 9, Z. Smith 8, Z. Hall 6, J. Bennett 2, R. Tate 16.

In the girls varsity game, Holmes County defeated Poplar Springs 46-13.

Scoring for HCHS were: A. Farrow 11, S. Kirch 3, K. Bomann 4, K. Nelson 24, C. Glass 4.

Scoring for Poplar Springs were: M. Beall 7, T. Hobbs 4, C. Skotoe 2.

In the boys JV game, Poplar Springs defeated Ponce de Leon 28-23.

Scoring for Poplar Springs were: M. Bennett 3, K. Pruett 4, K. Pelham 5, H. Owens 5, E. Shivers 5, J. Blamton 2, C. Mayo 2, R. Hayes 2.

Scoring for Ponce de Leon were: M. Flynn 4, A. Ellis 3, K. Findley 5, C. Hicks 1, M. Flynn 4, B. Lee.